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Elijah Johnson
Indra Profile (Draft)
Name Elijah Johnson
Biological Description
Gender Male
Birthdate May 30
Age 13
Height 5'4"
Weight 100 lbs.
Blood Type A
Hometown Celestic Town
Home Region Sinnoh
Occupation Pokémon Trainer
Family Erin Johnson (Brother)
Former Partner Erin Johnson
Status Alive

Elijah Johnson is the son of ___, the twin brother of Erin Johnson, and the younger brother of Michael. He is a young aspiring Pokémon Trainer, hoping to one day defeat his mother and become the Pokemon Master. Elijah is the main male protagonist of Pokémon — Sacred Moon.

Appearance Edit

Elijah stands at four feet eleven inches tall, being shorter than his twin brother. He is fair skinned just like his mother and other siblings. He has straight long black hair down to his back, a trait inherited directly from his mother, besides the color. Many consider Elijah an extremely handsome young man. He tends to wear a red zip-up hooded jacket and a white undershirt. Covering the top of his head is a snap back cap, that is usually turned to the back. The hat bears a unique pokeball designed by his mother herself.

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Pokeball Michael

Michael holding his pokéball.

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Pokémon Information
Indra's Froakie
Froakie was given to Elijah by Professor Sycamore as a starter Pokémon to accompany him on his journey. This froakie is special however, as it's a different color from the average Froakie, making it special. Froakie doesn't listen to Elijah's orders, and is extremely rebellious.
Indra's Froakie
Pokémon Information
Mystery Egg
Michael received this egg received from Stephen Yggdrasil.